DC: Knight Terrors starting this week

DC: Knight Terrors starting this week

July 04, 2023

Dawn of DC: Knight Terrors Trailer Previews Horrifying Miniseries

The DC Universe is about to become a scarier place with the introduction of the Sleepless Knights in the upcoming Dawn of DC: Knight Terrors event.

What is Knight Terrors about?
Set across every monthly title published by DC in July and August 2023, Knight Terrors will introduce a disturbing new villain who “plunges Earth into darkness.” This sets up the arrival of a new menace known as the Sleepless Knights, whose attack will bring about a battle for the Waking World, as the nightmares of DC’s greatest heroes are revealed.

Check out the Dawn of DC: Knight Terrors starting this week:

The Dawn of DC: Knight Terrors kicks off with Knight Terrors: First Blood #1 by Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter, and Brad Anderson. The issue goes on sale this coming Tuesday, July 4.

The cover art for Knight Terrors: First Blood #1 reveal something of the story through the major players that might be involved. Beyond the classic trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, the first issue will also feature the body-jumping Deadman and the sorceress Zatanna. This speaks to the supernatural nature of the event, given Deadman and Zatanna’s role in the magic-oriented Justice League Dark.

Another notable character featured in the cover art is Sanderson “Sand” Hawkins of the Justice Society of America. Once the sidekick of the original Sandman, Wesley Dodds, Sand inherited his mentor’s prophetic nightmares after developing earth-bending powers. He briefly led the JSA in the early 21st century, but has largely fallen into obscurity in modern times. Rounding out the colorful cast of characters is none other than Harley Quinn, a character who has become a increasingly prominent in the DCU in recent years.