Appraisals and Want Lists !!

Want lists

We have an active want list database now.

In order to add your wants please contact us via the website and include your lists (excel or .csv lists are best).

Please include the following: Comic Title (and variant type if applicable), year of publication, CGC grade or raw loose comic and contact email address.


Incredible Hulk 181         1974       CGC only 8.0 and above      

When an item on your list comes into the store you will be contacted via email.  Priority to make purchase is given the first person that requested each comic, we will usually give a few days to respond then it goes to the next on the list etc. 

Note we will not accept pre-offers at all (I.E. I want FF 48 in NM and I will pay $50.00 for it).  We price comics at market value and there is no obligation to buy anything on your list.

NOTE: Some comics are in very high demand (Keys like Amazing Spider-Man #129, Incredible Hulk #181 etc) These comics will only last a few days in the store normally so responding quickly to our want list item “available” emails is expected.



Staff at Comic Fever are experts in vintage and rare comics.  If you require appraisals for insurance or estate valuations then it can be provided.  Written appraisals have a cost and only books worth $200 or more (US$ funds) will be considered for appraisals.

If you have a large collection or a few key books contact us.  We will let you know which comics are worth appraising.