Batman #114 Cover B Jorge Molina Card Stork Variant (Fear State) Vol 3 (2021)

Batman is racing against time to stop Gotham City from tearing itself apart as the Scarecrow s long game is revealed. The Dark Knight has bigger problems though, as an insane Peacekeeper-01 is on a murderous rampage through the streets of Gotham! Can Peackeeper-X stop him?! Back-Up: Clownhunter has been doused with Fear Toxin at the hands of the Scarecrow, and he is living out every anxiety, moment of pain, and heartbreak he s ever had. Will he find his way out and resume his goal of being Gotham s protector from clowns? Or will he succumb to Scarecrow s greatest mind game yet?! See the end of this epic story that will change Clownhunter s trajectory in Gotham City forever!