Subscription Files (Pull Box) and Special Orders

Comic Fever offers both online and in store comic subscriptions and special orders. You can order any comics, games, toys, cards etc that we carry from our various suppliers.  These items will be set aside for either store pick-up (for people in the Edmonton area) or mail order.

All subscriptions and special order items can be updated by yourself or store staff up to the Final Order Cutoff date.  After this all orders are processed and can't be changed. 

Except for unusually expensive items or unique specialty items you are not charged for anything until either the items ship or you pick up in the store. 

All Subscriptions and Special orders will get 15% off retail.  

For customers that want mail order subscriptions, all items for the month will accumulate and then ship around the 1st week of each month. 

To become part of all of this click on the gateway button below.  You have to create a separate subscription file account for this service.  

Once you have an account through the gateway you can log on anytime and see what is coming in and the expected date.  Also you will be sent and automatic email (if you provided an E-mail address) when new items arrive for you.